Cork simulator

Client Challenge

An interactive app that could use their existing store backend products to allow users to configure and navigate through their showcase apartment.

  • Work with existing online store
  • Products added to the store should be available immediately on the app
  • Allow users to select and change a  materials
  • Be able to take screenshots and share them via e-mail
  • Get product order list currently applied and share them via e-mail
  • Run on PC, iOS & Android


Create an app with multiple setups and settings to be able to run smoothly on all 3 platforms. Develop a backend  REST API to interact with current store backend.

  • Convert high resolution 3D model and textures to realtime
  • Realtime materials and lighting solution
  • Backend REST API
  • Implement UI/UX design
  • Demo mode to be used in trade shows
  • FPS controls on PC , joystick controls on mobile platforms
  • Multiple setups and expose settings
  • Builds for PC, iOS & Android