Caravel: Set Forth is a crew management simulation game set aboard an early XV century Portuguese caravel. Keep the crew members alive, while navigating and operating the caravel, on a perilous mission for Prince Henry, the navigator.


  • Control each crew member and use their unique skills
  • Choose the supplies required for the trip
  • Face the seas and the unpredictable weather
  • Marvel at the sights of the ocean and its fauna
  • Narrative will introduce the crew, as they sail into the unknown
  • Day/Night cycle


Caravel: Set Forth is a PC game designed by Tricephalus and co-produced and developed by Headless Studio using Unreal Engine

  • Tricephalus
  • João Brandão – Game Design, Marketing
  • João Mascarenhas – Sound Design, Music
  • Headless Studio
  • Artur Leão – Co-production and development
  • Daniel Santana – Co-production and development
  • Akhan74
  • Deivis Tavares – 2D/3D Art, Animation